God made us to be curious

“Did you know that Jesus asked 288 questions in gospels?” my friend blurted out over breakfast. “You counted them?” I asked. He had. What a nerdy thing to do. But my friend’s unexpected statement set me on a journey to study the questions of Jesus, as well as the Bible’s record of questions God asks of people and people ask of God. God made us to be curious. He made us to ask, not just tell. Mandy’s delightful book The Question Habit is a beautiful gift because it shows not only how to ask good questions, but how to bring goodness into the world through the questions we ask.

Jeff Myers, PhD, President of Summit Ministries


A valuable resource you will want to return to time and time again

The Question Habit is not just another book on asking questions. It is a breath of fresh air, a gentle reminder that questions have the power to transform our conversations and relationships. Mandy’s engaging writing style and illustrations drawn from life make this book a valuable resource you will want to return to time and time again.

For Anyone Aspiring to Improve Leadership Skills

There was a time when I sought advice on how to improve my leadership. A great counselor said this to me: ‘Ask more questions!’ How I needed Mandy Pallock’s book in those days! I recommend this to anyone aspiring to improve their leadership skills. The Question Habit has great insight into growing relationships that develop disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s an easy read that leads to real results as you apply its principles!

Susie Rowan, Executive Director 2009-2021

Bible Study Fellowship

Understand why questions are an essential part of a healthy and biblical lifestyle

The Question Habit is not a book that teaches you how to ask good questions. It is a book that helps you understand why questions are an essential part of a healthy and biblical lifestyle. What I loved most about this book is the vast array of Scripture and Scriptural insights that are woven throughout. It was like diving into a theological garden of hidden fruits that unexpectedly rose to the surface. Mandy’s unique gift of spiritual insights makes the Scriptures relevant to every day experiences in our family, work, communities, friendships, church, and virtually every relationship you can encounter. I was blessed!

Do You Dread Shallow Conversations at Social Events

Do you have trouble understanding the perspective of a close friend or spouse when you have an argument? Do you ever find people boring? Have you ever felt like your prayers are nothing more than a monologue? Mandy’s book The Question Habit will change all that if you heed the insights she so artfully presents.

Scripture shapes and sustains

The Question Habit is a must-read, must-share, and save-to-read-again book. Scripture shapes and sustains this well-written, whimsically entertaining book. Mandy’s clear presentation of how and why to ask questions makes compassionate companionship within reach. The Question Habit is a deep well of fresh ideas for building resilient relationships. Readers will be inspired and equipped by this unique book!

A Must Read

Mandy Pallock brilliantly weaves a powerful concept of ‘how to ask questions to build relationships’ around her actual life! A must read for all who want to improve their life. Refreshing, Biblical, and important!

Dr. Karl Coke

Author of A Proper Education

Karl Coke Evangelistic Association

Prepare for heart-to-heart conversations

Those who read and apply the insights in Mandy’s The Question Habit will come away with the needed concepts and capability to build enduring relationships. This is a book you will want to put into action!

Dewey Novotny, Life Purpose Planning

I want to do that!

Each page of this book reveals Jesus’ relational heart of connection by taking an active interest in others by asking meaningful questions. Mandy gives fresh insight showing us starting blocks of conversation that lead to bonding and true joy in our relationships. This book is full of practicals and examples that makes me go “I can do that “ and better yet, “I want to do that!” This is a must-read to bless your socks off and give you connected relationships that bless you and glorify Jesus!

Brian Hannas, Leadership Development Pastor

CrossBridge Community Church of San Antonio

Get your hands on this book

“Finally! A resource that gets to the heart of what our generation is deeply struggling with and desperately longing for—meaningful relationships. If you’re tired of shallow friendships and surface-level conversations, get your hands on this book. Mandy will teach you the life-changing art of engaging others through intentional and meaningful questions. You will not be the same person after reading this book.”

Genuinely care and connect

The Question Habit is a powerful mixture of vision, inspiration, and truths blended with tangible insights and questions learned and lived out by the author. As you journey through this book and put into practice what you learn at the end of each chapter, you will feel equipped and empowered to genuinely care and connect with anyone God brings into your life, whether for a moment or for a lifetime.

Chad Christiansen, Executive Director and Founder

In the Gap Ministries

An invaluable resource

Mandy has given us an invaluable resource that mines the remarkable possibilities inherent in questions. She shows us how questions develop, nurture, deepen and sustain marriages, family, work, play and intergenerational relationships while supporting our own formation in Christ.

Dr. Arden Kinser, Pastor (retired)

A book for the Year

We love our people and want to love them even better. We love Jesus and we want others to know Him on a deeper level. So how do we love our people as well as we can? How do we point people to Jesus? The good news is that it doesn’t involve being an expert. It simply means asking a good question. Mandy walks you through questions to ask to deepen any and all relationships. She covers it all with humor and a whole lot of Jesus. If there’s a book to pick up that will strengthen your relationships this year one conversation at a time, it’s this one.

Jill E. McCormick, writer + podcaster

Grace in Real Life Podcast

An invaluable resource

In her short but most worthwhile book The Question Habit, Mandy has done a marvelous job cultivating questions that work to swing wide the doors of communication and foster meaningful conversation. The questions she shares are both thought-provoking and highly practical, and are useful in a variety of relationship contexts. And while this book is certainly about questions, it is more about the heart behind the questions with the endgame objective being to make the most of our relationships. A must-read for anybody who is in some kind of relationship with another person and wants to see it flourish—which is all of us!