High School, College, and “What am I going to be when I grow up?”


Vocation and ministry questions

I Do?

Questions for your intentional relationships

I Do!

Questions to help you date your mate

What Did We Just Do?!

Parenting: Parent-to-Parent Questions, Parent-to-Kid Questions, and Parent-to-Teen Questions

Dream Together

Mentoring toward life purpose: Mentor-to-Mentee Questions and Mentee-to-Mentor Questions


Adult relationships, friendship, and the mid-life crisis

Pass the Baton

Grandparents and the next generation: Questions for Grandparents / an older generation and Questions for Grandkids / a younger generation

Never Stop Exploring

A heart of inquiry that never stops: Questions to keep the conversations going with your people

Full Set

All the questions from Part III of The Question Habit. Get those conversations going!